Jungle Jib

The park crew was hard at work all day on Friday getting the Jungle Jib set up with five rail features and one jump. They expect to be able to open the Jungle Jib sometime on Saturday after they finish up a few final touches.

Here's the set up:

  • Up-Flat Box
  • Progression Box
  • 20' Tube
  • 18' Straight Box - set down or street style
  • Oil Can - set on a quarter pipe
  • Table Jump

Jungle Jib

Chaz and the crew will be working on building the Jungle Jib on Friday. The plan is to have that open by Saturday. No word yet on the exact set up. We'll keep you posted as things progress. 

Hike Park Closed, Jungle Jib Soon to Open!

Our Hike Park will be closing this evening, and will likely be closed until Thursday or Friday. We are rebuilding and relocating the park to its eventual home of Jungle Jib, so stay tuned for more updates there. 

Happy Holidays!

Expanding the Hike Park

*Update @ 3:00 PM: Hike Park back open for the evening. We now have 8, yes you heard me right, 8 features...including the new Oil Can! We'll update with new pics and a full account of all features coming soon!

Hey all, a quick update here. We're looking to get some more features out to the Hike Park to have it stacked for the weekend. That means today we'll be briefly closing down the park so we can get in there and start work.

Keep checking back for updates including what you can expect to see on Saturday and Sunday.

"Hike Park" Now With 6 Features!

Good news, we now have 6 features in our "Hike-to Park" including: Up/Flat/Down Box, Flat Box, Progression Rail, Progression Box, Straight Tube and Cannon Tube.

Hike Park for Opening Day

We'll have a hike park on Sprig O' Pine for Opening Day on Saturday. The plan: Cannon Tube, Straight Tube, Rainbow Box, Progression Box and Progression Rail.

Oil Tank

Chaz and crew have been hard at work getting some new features ready of the season. Here's a sneak peak at the "Oil Tank".

Prepping the Rails

Since we don't have snow yet we may as well make sure our rails are in order. The guys have this one in the shop and are putting the final touches on it, getting it ready for the season.

Opening Day Postponed

Opening Day was originally planned for Saturday, December 8th. However, our snowmakers were only able to make snow on the upper portion of the mountain before warm weather settled in on Saturday morning and forced them to stop. We will not have enough cold weather before December 8th to complete snowmaking to the bottom of the mountain. Due to this, Opening Day is now scheduled for Saturday, December 15th. The first night of night skiing will be on Wednesday, December 19th. In the meantime, we'll be hard at work making snow whenever temperatures permit.