Homegrown Movie Competition

Hey guys, don't forget about the Homegrown movie contest. If you have an edit from Bolton Valley, post it to the Bolton Valley Facebook page and then get your friends to "like" it. The park guys have an edit it up. Its pretty sweet. Can you do any better?


Leprechaun Shred-a-thaun

Just a heads up for this weekend; Saturday is the College Social "Leprechaun Shred-a-thaun". There will be a rail jam in the Jungle Jib @ 12:PM and a jump jam in the Butterscotch park @ 2:PM. Needless to say the Jungle Jib will be closed for this event, reopening around 2:PM. The Butterscotch park will be closed from 1:30 until 3:45, then reopening for the rest of the evening.

New Hours for Sunset Skiing

We have changed our hours of operation in order to prolong our spring skiing. We will be opening at 10:AM on the weekdays, and 9:Am on the weekends, then closing at 5:PM on non-night skiing nights. I know there's a bunch of people happy that Cobrass Cafe will be accessible for later. Not to mention later park venturing.

Night Riders Finale

Tonight is the finale of our Night Rider Series. Redeem yourself in one of the rail jams and gain more points to beat out the leader, or come to support your friends.

Photos and More

Slow snow conditions and wind made us decide to hold the Night Riders in the Jungle Jib. Jam it out folks.
Secondly, go to the facebook page and check out the photos from Welcome to the Jungle. There's 152 photos, hence not blog friendly for posting. Click on the link below or on this post title.