US Airbag

Have you ever wanted to huck yourself off a jump into a giant airbag? You'll get your chance later this week Bolton Valley. More details soon. For now, check out this video. 

Butterscotch: Sweet and Tasty!

Butterscotch: It's not just for Nana....

The Butterscotch Park is open and ready for you to show off some serious steeze. The oil can has moved to Butterscotch and is now set up as a double jump. We suggest showing the presidents some respect this weekend with a little air, what else are you going to do with that extra day? Homework? House chores? Uh, no. Time to shred it. 

And Sunday we have a bonus night of $19 night skiing, so you'll have even more time in the parks. See you out there!

Grabbin' Some Air

A few shots from Sunday's incredible day...

Jungle Jib Back In Action

The Jungle Jib is back in action. It'll be a similar set-up to what it has been recently. 
  • Up-Flat Box
  • Progression Rail
  • 20' Tube
  • 18' Straight Box - set down or street style
  • Oil Can - set on a quarter pipe
  • Table Jump

Park Makeovers

The heavy rain and warms temps we saw this week certainly did us no favors in terms of keeping the parks in good shape. We're now in rebuild mode as we work on re-positioning rails and touching up features. 

Park crews will be working hard to get both Butterscotch Park and the Jungle Jib in good shape as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy the mountain and stay tuned.