More Pictures from JJ

Here are some more photos of the Jungle Jib. We can't wait to start the holiday week. Night skiing every night this week, and Timberline is open for the season. All sorts of holiday

Jungle Jib Open for 10-11

We did it! We finally have a park up. There were some bumps along the way, but we were otherwise successful. The set up is not the original plan; a pump broke while snowmakers were in the Jungle Jib, hence there was not nearly enough snow for what we intended. Nonetheless, we came up with some quick ideas, and worked through the night to have her ready for the weekend. A special thanks goes to our Mountain Manager Harold; we would be lost without his fine tuned shaping skills. Here are some pictures of our set up, unfortunately the light is flat, but I think you get the idea. As Head Park Ranger Wilkins would say “Ya dig?!” We do.


While we are waiting to start on our parks, I thought I'd give everyone a heads up about how we will be operating this year. Instead of parks opening as lifts open, the park crew will be opening the parks after they are checked and maintained. This is becoming an industry standard, and is a way to ensure the safety of our riders. We know how much you jones for fresh hits in the morning, so we promise to work hard and fast.


Updates: the snow makers are working their way down from the top of the mountain for opening day Friday; the plan is to start making snow in the Jungle Jib by Monday. Our hope is to have it open for the weekend of the 18th. Meanwhile hit up all the nice untouched pow on Friday!

We're Back!

Finally after a long summer the Park Crew is officially rehired for the season. We have some guys returning this year and two new hires. Right now we are waiting for opening day. It is still questionable whether or not there will be a park on opening day. As soon as the Mountain Manager gives us the word, we will be building.

Labor of Love Rail Jam Photos

Snow from hockey rink plus winter hungry kids equals good time! Thanks to all of our participants, and sponsors: Orage, Drop, Line, Full Tilt, and Burton!

Labor of Love Rail Jam

We are hosting Vermont's first ski and snowboard rail jam of the season.

Bolton Valley will host the first ski and snowboard rail jam of the season on Friday, September 3rd. The tennis courts next to the Sports Center will be covered with "snow" collected from a local hockey rink, rails will be set up and skiers and riders will be turned loose for about an hour to jam. We'll have some prizes for the best skiers and riders at the end of the jam and some extra prizes to toss to all competitors.

Sponsors Include:

Line Skis
Full Tilt Boots

Online registration is open and is $10.

Schedule: (all events at bottom tennis court near the Sports Center)
5:00 – 5:45pm Registration/Bib distribution (based on space available)
6:00-7:00pm Rail Jam
7:00pm Awards

Pst! Have you heard . . .

I've heard a rumor Bolton Valley is holding another rail jam on Labor Day. Stay tuned for more information!

Summer 3TP Teasers!

So Hot Right Now! - Teaser from 3TrioProductions on Vimeo.

This season, the 3TP family brings you a friendly movie featuring some montrealers. We traveled around the Quebec province to bring you our adventures. Featuring: Andrew Jamieson, Alex Crépault, Graham Cunningham, JC Laniel, Cédrik Dion, Nuka Choquette, Érik Pelletier, LP Beaudoin, Tom Aubry, Laurent Papineau, Vincent Charette, Dom Racine, Gab Ouellet, Frank Pelletier, Brian St-Amour

I found this on google!

Crazy things may happen when you google yourself. This little treasure is an interview from February by a college student named Jackie. A huge honkin' shout out goes to her. Thank you! Click on this post title to see the whole article and video interview.

Night Rider Prizes . . . For Sale?

What was up with all that snow last week? It was crazy! I know the park crew felt the itch to build, stunt, and dominate. Did any readers get out there?

On to more official news: there are two Night Rider winners who are selling their prizes for pretty sweet deals.

Line Anthems size 178 for $280

Burton Feelgood size 140 for $250

If you are interested please send an e-mail to

Last Day Pictures

Here they are the last photos of 09-10. And I've been informed that I spelled jibbonkin wrong.

Season 09-10 Comes to a Close

Last day is always so sad. I wish winter would never end. Thank you everyone for a great season, hopefully next year will be even better. Stay tuned for more photos and updates.

She didn't survive the night, captain!

Rocks are popping out like crazy! They have taken over the Progression Park (closed for the season) and claimed the landing of the Butterscotch (closed for season), and are eating their way through the base of the Jungle Jib (closed for season). Unfortunately mother nature decided park riding is done for the season. The boys have decided to go all natural, "jabonking" any rock, tree, and piece of dirt they can find.

Pond Skimming 2010

If it's the end of the season, you know it has to be time for wet, shivering cold bodies. That's right it's time for Pond Skimming. Pull out those tight bell bottoms, bedazzle your self in rhinestones, and glue on some chest hair and a mustache; 70's is the theme for this years extravaganza. The mountain's most popular spring event, Pond Skimming is always the biggest party of the season. The entry fee is just $5 per skimmer. Everyone must also have a lift ticket or season pass to enter.


10am - Noon Registration in the base lodge

1pm - The skimming will begin

3pm (or shortly after the skimming is competed) - Awards

Even if you don't have the stomach to challenge our pond, this is always a great spectator event, with music, a DJ, and spectacular splashes.

Videos and Progresssession

Oh my god, it is finally here! The Bolton Valley edit from 3TrioProductions featuring: LP Beaudoin, Nuka Choquette, Alex Crépault, Andrew Jamieson, and that camel. You know which one I'm talking about, right there on route 2. I have the video embedded on our side wall, but you can also find it and many other edits from the Canadian crew at:
We also had our first Progresssession the other day at Bolton Valley Family Fun Day. Kids 12 and under had a great and safe time throwing it down in the Progression Park on Sunday. Our winners for 12 and under men snowboarders were Dougie "Fresh" Fay in first, Griffen Wilcox in second, and Clayton Trombley winning third place and the Smart Style Trivia Challenge Award. Our winners for 12 and under skier women were McKenna in first, Grace in second, and Amanda in third. Our winners for 12 and under skier men were Liem in first and Max in second.

Shout Outs and FYI's

Yesterday we had an amazing crew of skiers come and film in the Butterscotch Park. I would like to thank the Canadian 3trioproductions for throwing down, letting us watch, and for being extremely polite. We're glad we could provide you with hardcore shots and hope you come back next year. Check out their numerous film edits at:
Well we are coming to the end of the year and that means one thing: pond skimming. The Mountain Manager will start building the pond on Tuesday, and he will be using the snow from the hip, the pole jam, and possibly the barrel quarter pipe (minus the barrels). So this is the last weekend for those features.
Lastly, the Progression Park will be closed from 12:30-2:30 for Progresssession on Sunday. We've got some fun little prizes for eight "Best In Show" winners, and a Smart Style prize for the competitor who displays the best Smart Style etiquette. Hope to see you all there.

Progresssession on Family Fun Day @ Bolton Valley

This event is all about having fun and owning your Smart Style etiquette! This event is for kids 17 and under only; no adults allowed. Alright; your older siblings and parents can watch and cheer. We've got a bunch of fun silly and some cool prizes, so get your mini game on at Progresssession on Family Fun Day at Bolton Valley. Please click on this post's title for more information about Family Fun Day, and stay tuned to the Shred Bolton page on Facebook for the event schedule.
We got some recognition from another blogger the other day. 3 Tri Guys is a blog about three guys aspiring to become triathletes. Check out their story about taking trips to a few different mountains, and of course what they had to say about us:

Night Rider Awards Photos

Night Rider Awards Photos

Congratulation to all our winners in the Night Rider Series. A special congrats goes out to Gabe Cohn for winning the Sam Cohn Award. This year we didn't have as many older participants as usual, but Gabe came to every event, enthused and ready to throw down. Thank you to all our competitors for keeping the series alive and making it such a fun event to host. We hope to see all our participants again next year.