I thought it would be nice to inform everyone of our plans for the big park. At the moment, like most of the local mountains, the terrain park is not currently priority in terms of snow making. Once the snow makers have finished blowing out Timberline, and the nasty warm weather has passed, they will focus on making snow for the Large park. The staff and I will be doing our best to maintain the Jungle Jib, and touch up the wall ride at the bottom of Wilderness. On a happier note, we have been given the privileged to name the Large park. Here is our list of choices, tell us what you think:
Shredder (First choice)

Hoth (Second choice)
Fly Away
Bolton Rock City
Butterscotch (Third choice)
Tweak or Tweakin’ Out
Smurf Village
Slip and Slide
Hells Highway
Thundercats (Fourth choice)
Stunt Zone
Danger Zone
Maneuver Arena
Legion of Doom

The Jungle Jib Is Open!

Today was the opening day for the Jungle Jib. We currently have four features: a rainbow box, a butter box, a flat up flat box, and a down bar rail. We want to thank Kwiniaska Golf Course for donating three rails from their old stair set! And a big thank you to everyone for being so patient.

Starting To Look Like Winter

It's finally starting to look like winter here at Bolton Valley. The snow is falling and the guns are pumping. We're excited for opening day, Friday Dec. 11th; it will also be our first night under the lights, if you can't get out of school or work early enough to get your fix. As soon as there is enough snow, the first park we will be putting together is the Jungle Jib. The Large Park (soon to be renamed) and the Burton Progression Park will hopefully be open by the end of December or the beginning of January.

New Schooler's Labor Day Jam Video

Check out the sweet video the New Schoolers put up from the Bolton Valley Labor Day Rail Jam! Just click on this post's headline.

Labor Day Rail Jam Was Awesome

The Labor Day Rail Jam on Friday had a great turn out. Competitors still had fun, even though it was almost 80 degrees. Thanks to the anon guys for supplying the pizza, and thanks to all the participants of the jam.

Labor Day Weekend Rail Jam

September 04, 2009

We're impatient people up here at Bolton Valley and we can't wait to get started on skiing and riding for the season. Also, we want to have a fun event to kick off Vermont's Largest Ski and Snowboard Sale taking place at the Bolton Valley Sports Center over Labor Day Weekend. So, we're going to be raiding local ice rinks for "snow" and setting up a couple of rails next to the Sports Center and hosting a rail jam on Friday night, September 4, for skiers and riders.

Registration is $10 and will be online starting on Tuesday, August 25 at 5pm. Register early, we're only letting in the first 30 skiers and first 30 riders

Schedule: (all events at the Sports Center)

3:30-4:30pm Day of registration (if available) and competitor check in.

5:00-6:00pm Rail Jam

6:30-7:00pm Finals

7:00pm Awards

Getting the most out of the last days

The end of the season is always sad, but we are trying the make the best of it. The quarter pipe got so filled in with snow we couldn't do too much with out a groomer; so we put the culvert against it instead. Here we have Nick from Snowboard School, Mike from the Park Crew, and John from guest services, rockin' out of the culvert.