More Pictures and Night Rider Finals

Since it was demanded by one of our loyal post persons, more pictures have been taken. The pictures are mostly of the Progression Park, because my camera was non-functional in the zero degree weather.
Last weeks Night Riders was changed from slopestyle to SKATE at the last minute due to snow fall. This week we will be doing the slopestyle event. Anyway, here are the results from last week, just the standings, not total points.
12 and under SB:
Keegan Hosefros, Quinn Lumsden, Stratton Matteson
Ellis Farrell, Austin Kemp, Spence Lefebvre
13-17 SB:
TicTac Gallager, Dylan Peters, Aidan Melen
Cole Derrick, Dan Hibbs, John Kelley
18+ SB:
Ryan Getek, Elliot Barnard, (tied for third) John Sullivan, Kevin Schwing, Brain Walsh Ski: Woman SB: Laura Rogoski, Cati Retz, Lauren Craig


We are tired of fixing ropes every five minutes. So here is your warning: if you duck a rope and we catch you, your pass will be pulled. Seriously, if the rope is there and its there for a reason. There are better things we could be doing than fixing ropes and yelling at kids, like making the park nicer. Once again, if we catch you ducking a rope your pass will be pulled!

All Sorts of Happenings

Hey everyone! I want to thank everyone who has posted awesome things about the park. You don't know how much it means to hear that we did a good job. Hopefully we can keep on pleasing. Anyway, Ride Vermont came up to Bolton on Saturday to see what we are all about and to do an interview. If you click on this blog post title you can read the great things Ride Vermont had to say, and you can watch me being . . . my lame self. I want to thank Luke for doing such an awesome job on the article. I know my mom and my friends will thoroughly enjoy the post.
I have finally taken some pictures of the boys in their new uniforms. Take a good look, because these are the guys you want to go to with any issues. I wouldn't ask for any modeling advice though.

First Night Riders

The first competition of the Night Riders series started last night. Besides the heavy fog and the slow snow conditions, everything went off without a hitch. Here are the results:

18+ Ski 18+
1. Ryan Getek 1. Bryan McCarthy
2. Elliot Barnard

Snowboard 13-17 Ski 13-17
1. Dylan Peters 1. Will Hibbs
2. Ralph Kucharek 2. Cole Derrick
3. Ryan Hebert 3. John Kelley

Snowboard 12 and under Ski 12 and under
1. Stratton Matteson 1. Ellis Farrell
2. Quinn Lumsden 2. Austin Kemp
3. Douglas Faye 3. Roan O'Leary

Snowboard Women Ski Women
1. Aster O'Leary 1. Eden Netelkos

Please inform me if I have spelled any names incorrectly.


We took some pictures of the Butterscotch. Unfortunately the light was not so great, but we still got some decent shots.

Butterscotch and Progression Parks Open

Well we were only 1/2 a day delayed in opening the parks, but we did it. After many hours of back breaking work, hardly any sleep, and very little food we finally accomplished our goal. Mostly. We are still planning to install the Subaru box, a c-box, and a culvert. We do know the start ramp at the top needs to move forward, and I have instructed the groomer to do so. Pictures of these parks will be posted soon.

Slight Delay

Unfortunately we will have a small delay opening the Butterscotch and Progression Park. We sincerely apologize.

Nordic Snowboarding

Liz at the Nordic Center told me about this spoof video of Nordic Snowboarding. Check it out and have a good laugh, just click on the title of this blog post. Check out the Sports Center and get information about Bolton Nordic Skiing at Liz's blog: Ride Vermont has been posting some information about our parks and some of the deals here at the mountain. Check out what they said: .

Barrel Bonk

We have installed a barrel bonk at the bottom of the Jungle Jib. The snowmakers have blown some nice big piles in the park, and we will be building soon. FYI: The park rangers will be getting new uniforms within the next week. They will no longer be wearing jailhouse orange. They will be in teal jackets and black pants. Here are some awesome barrel bonk pictures of our steezy Park Ranger Nick.

We're Not Laughing At You . . . We're Just Baffled

I had to post this picture, it was too astounding not to post. As some of you may have seen, we had a very unusual event occur in our park a few days ago. We want to thank the anonymous rider for being patient with us while we scratched our heads and tried to figure out how to remedy the situation. Next time jumping onto the box might work out better.

Large Park Renamed Butterscotch

Hey everyone! The Large park will now be known as Butterscotch park. And just in case you were wondering, we finally have a prospective opening date for the park. We are hoping to have the park open by January 16th. Snowmaking will begin in the park on Monday and will continue for the next 6-7 days. Then we will have our groomers go in, start pushing snow around, and start dropping features. I am calling it a prospective date since we can't see far enough into the future to know what the weather and temperatures will do. The temperatures look good for the next couple days. So pray to the snow gods and ask them to skip the January thaw this year.