I thought it would be nice to inform everyone of our plans for the big park. At the moment, like most of the local mountains, the terrain park is not currently priority in terms of snow making. Once the snow makers have finished blowing out Timberline, and the nasty warm weather has passed, they will focus on making snow for the Large park. The staff and I will be doing our best to maintain the Jungle Jib, and touch up the wall ride at the bottom of Wilderness. On a happier note, we have been given the privileged to name the Large park. Here is our list of choices, tell us what you think:
Shredder (First choice)

Hoth (Second choice)
Fly Away
Bolton Rock City
Butterscotch (Third choice)
Tweak or Tweakin’ Out
Smurf Village
Slip and Slide
Hells Highway
Thundercats (Fourth choice)
Stunt Zone
Danger Zone
Maneuver Arena
Legion of Doom