More Pictures and Night Rider Finals

Since it was demanded by one of our loyal post persons, more pictures have been taken. The pictures are mostly of the Progression Park, because my camera was non-functional in the zero degree weather.
Last weeks Night Riders was changed from slopestyle to SKATE at the last minute due to snow fall. This week we will be doing the slopestyle event. Anyway, here are the results from last week, just the standings, not total points.
12 and under SB:
Keegan Hosefros, Quinn Lumsden, Stratton Matteson
Ellis Farrell, Austin Kemp, Spence Lefebvre
13-17 SB:
TicTac Gallager, Dylan Peters, Aidan Melen
Cole Derrick, Dan Hibbs, John Kelley
18+ SB:
Ryan Getek, Elliot Barnard, (tied for third) John Sullivan, Kevin Schwing, Brain Walsh Ski: Woman SB: Laura Rogoski, Cati Retz, Lauren Craig