Pond Skimming Tomorrow 3/23!

Alright, you've hit every feature in the Jungle Jib this season. Once Butterscotch opened up, you were the first in line. You were a dedicated Night Rider. You hit the US Airbag more times than you can count. So this weekend, cap off your season of shred with Rock n' Roll Pond Skimming. You've got to know you have the upper hand here. You've been jibbing with the best of 'em, your balance has been tested...what's there to lose? Well, maybe your dryness...but no big deal. You can find more info on Pond Skimming below:

WIZN presents Rock and Roll Pond Skimming. We'll be awarding a 2013-14 All Access Season Pass to one adult and one youth winner. Each winner needs to have an outstanding costume and a solid skim. I'm thinking big hair and spandex myself...
For those who don't care to skim, come spectate! There will be great music and even better splashes. WIZN radio host Joey Vega will be the special guest announcer for the afternoon. 

The Lowdown: The entry fee is just $5 per skimmer. You must have a lift ticket or season pass to enter. Skimmers may only use skis or boards to attempt to skim the pond, sorry no sleds, jack jumpers or anything else that is not a pair of skis or snowboard. Bolton Valley rental or lease equipment may not be used to skim the pond. All skimmers will go in bib order.  
10am - Noon: Registration in the Base Lodge 
1pm: Skimming begins!
3pm (or shortly after the skimming is competed): Awards