Jungle Jib is on point: Park Update


We are stoked with how the season has progressed so far.  It's awesome to see how you have contributed to make the park as fun as possible. If you have ideas you haven't told us, the Shred Bolton Facebook page is a great platform to express your ideas.

Any input you provide is seriously considered. Shredder Max Ryan gave us an idea for a flat rail which we liked so we put it in the next day.

We know you all like The Jungle, but if you haven't landed all the tricks you were working on it's time to get up there! Next Tuesday park crew is preparing for the Tell A Friend Tour on Sunday the 12th presented by Line's Traveling Circus.  We will be rebuilding the park Tuesday and Wednesday making an extra special setup for you and the Line fellas. 

Stay tuned this week to learn what we have in store for this years Wednesday Night Rider Series. We are still working on the schedule and format for the season. While we finalize the details, organize your bag of tricks in The Jungle and get stoked for the new year.


Shred Bolton