Videos and Progresssession

Oh my god, it is finally here! The Bolton Valley edit from 3TrioProductions featuring: LP Beaudoin, Nuka Choquette, Alex Crépault, Andrew Jamieson, and that camel. You know which one I'm talking about, right there on route 2. I have the video embedded on our side wall, but you can also find it and many other edits from the Canadian crew at:
We also had our first Progresssession the other day at Bolton Valley Family Fun Day. Kids 12 and under had a great and safe time throwing it down in the Progression Park on Sunday. Our winners for 12 and under men snowboarders were Dougie "Fresh" Fay in first, Griffen Wilcox in second, and Clayton Trombley winning third place and the Smart Style Trivia Challenge Award. Our winners for 12 and under skier women were McKenna in first, Grace in second, and Amanda in third. Our winners for 12 and under skier men were Liem in first and Max in second.