Pond Skimming 2010

If it's the end of the season, you know it has to be time for wet, shivering cold bodies. That's right it's time for Pond Skimming. Pull out those tight bell bottoms, bedazzle your self in rhinestones, and glue on some chest hair and a mustache; 70's is the theme for this years extravaganza. The mountain's most popular spring event, Pond Skimming is always the biggest party of the season. The entry fee is just $5 per skimmer. Everyone must also have a lift ticket or season pass to enter.


10am - Noon Registration in the base lodge

1pm - The skimming will begin

3pm (or shortly after the skimming is competed) - Awards

Even if you don't have the stomach to challenge our pond, this is always a great spectator event, with music, a DJ, and spectacular splashes.